Needle felt workshop



Felt making workshop

Making felt by hand, we work with hot water, soap and carded wools in various qualities, both dyed and natural.

We demonstrate different techniques for working and shaping the wool.

For a normal one day workshop for adult beginners, we start with showing how to make a felt ball to familiarise participants with how the felting process works. You then go on to make a simple hat or a bag, which can be modified to give a personal touch.

For children’s workshops, they learn how to make a felt ball and a felt square, approximately 30 x 30 cm, with a design.

We provide the equipment and all necessary supplies. For the workshop, we require a minimum of 5 entries/people.

As our workshop is too small for many people, we offer to bring the workshop to you. For this we need a room with tables to work on with 1m2 space per person, plastic to protect the tables from water, a supply of hot water (around 1 or 2 large pans in total), and buckets to collect the water from each table.

Felt-making workshop Felt-making workshop

Needle felt workshop

For the needle felt workshop we are using three special barbed needles (large, medium and fine) and dry wool to create both flat and three-dimensional objects of your own choosing.

First we give some examples to show what is possible to do with these techniques.

We begin simply making a flat object, then we progress to a three-dimensional heart, and after that each person can create a personal design; for example, figures like fairies, gnomes, witches, or little statues.

For this part students pay for whatever needles they use, 0.70 € each, which they can take home to complete or repeat their own projects.

We provide all necessary materials for the workshop. Less space is needed for needle felting, but there must be enough table space and chairs for each person.

Needle felt workshop Needle felt workshop

Each workshop requires a minimum of 6 participants and usually lasts a full day, around 8 hours.

The prices of workshops are negotiable depending on distance and number of participants. Special rates are available for groups of children, schools and institutions. We are flexible and welcome suggestions.

For more detailed information, please contact us.

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